Functional Neurology


Functional neurology is a field that endeavors to detect and correct neurological dysfunction through the most conservative and effective methods. 
A Functional Neurologist performs a modified neurological physical exam looking for subtle indicators of imbalances or dysfunction in the various areas of the nervous system, including the brain, brainstem, cerebellum, spinal cord, nerve roots, peripheral nerves and nerve endings as well as trying to differentiate problems which may be due to various tissues such as muscles or organs rather than actual problems in the nervous system.
Changes are made in neurological function through changes in the sensory input as well as cognitive exercises.  The purpose of harnessing sensory input and cognitive processing is to focus the stimulation evoked into specific areas to bring about profound and lasting changes in neurological function. 
These profound and lasting changes are possible though a neurological principle called neuro-plasticity.  To explain this simply, neuro-plasticity is the process of learning.  Nerve cells, or neurons, fire to other neurons in pathways.  The more often a pathway is fired, the more efficient it becomes.  With a well trained, cautious and respectful approach, areas in throughout the brain and nervous system which are functioning very poorly can be rehabilitated, often with progressive and permanent success.
Even serious conditions like coma, stroke, parkinsons disease and autism have responded superbly to the functional neurological approach.
Functional Neurologists have helped people improve and in many cases recover from a wide range of conditions including headaches, dizziness and balance problems, neuralgia, dystonia and tremors, AD/HD, Autism, OCD, Dyslexia and other childhood conditions as well as chronic pain syndromes.
Many Functional Neurologists have specialized training in other areas of Functional Health including Nutrition and are very effective helping people resolve a wide variety of digestive, hormone and immune system conditions. 
Modern science continues to prove how important brain function is in regulating all other body systems and in maintaining or recovering optimal health.  Stress related disorders are an excellent example of brain function effecting overall health.  Stress related conditions are ideally suited to the skills of a Functional Neurologist.
Dr. Tom Gross is a highly trained and gifted Functional Neurologist with diverse training in the field of Functional Health.  Few physicians have a grasp of the big picture of health as does Dr. Gross and even fewer have the skills to function in so many areas of health with non-toxic and effective natural approaches.